Fabulous Female Founder is the savvy and inspirational Anya Pendlebury. Anya has evolved her business to adapt the factors of the needs of the consumer, the environment, family life and what real women need.  Enjoy our chat below.
Where did you start? What was your motivation & spark?
I used to write an article for a local magazine and I have enjoyed the process and sharing the information with the readers. I wanted to do more… I remember the joy of getting a magazine and sitting down to read it, I was never into books, but the magazine reading was my enjoyment. I remember getting excited buying Vogue and flicking through pages and pages of beauty and fashion information. But then, I remember that it took me 13 pages to get to the first article, how disappointing. So I stopped buying magazines. I wanted to create a magazine full of content and not advertising, so Sofya Style Magazine was born. A lot of magazine state that its full of real women but our magazine actually is. During 2020 we ran a Front Cover Star Project,  it was about having real women and their stories featured each month. So the start of our magazine was really just me saying, I would love a magazine full of content and about real women. To share their stories but also teach young women some of the life lessons.

Sofya is my daughter and she is my main motivation in starting the magazine and radio. Both, Sofya and business as a whole, have been a massive factors in my personal journey.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was actually nothing to do with the magazine or radio, it was about me finding myself again. I have gone though a marriage breakdown and losing most of myself in the process, magazine especially had been my biggest tool in finding the strength. Every month I would prepare the next addition, full of stories of empowerment from my writers and stars, all of which gave me the drive and motivation that I needed. So I thank them for that.

Why go to radio? 

I have discovered the joys of radio when I co-hosted some shows for another radio station. I loved the interaction and how you can have a good chat with guests, bringing the stories to life. I had so many incredible stories in our magazine already and I wanted to do just that… ‘ bring them to life’

It also gave me a chance to give a great platform to other amazing female empowering communities, we have great co-presenters and they have so much wisdom to share, I am very proud to be able to offer that opportunity on our radio.

Who inspires you?

At the start my little daughter Sofya was my motivation. When I started my magazine, I would come back from my day job as normal, do mummy duties and then work on the magazine. I wanted to show her the hard work and determination to make it work. But with time my motivation is Me, I love what I do and I want to carry on doing it and for that to happen, I know I need to put in time and effort. So I keep going to make sure I am able to do the job I love.

What have you learnt most in 2020?

So many of us have been wishing 2020 away… whilst it has been a challenging year, I did my best to learnt many lessons from 2020. Don’t wish your days, years away, enjoy what you can, learn what you need and keep moving forward. The whole year was about adapting, learning new skills in my business but in personal life, I have learnt to go with the flow, don’t fight the process. I am not the most patient person but I have noticed that I am starting to slow down when needed and recharge, to be able to be productive.

How do you keep going and what is your top tip for female businesses to keep going?

Do it for yourself….. it might have started as a need to prove yourself or to find yourself but make sure you are doing it because you love it and because it makes you feel good. I always say, if you are struggling and you are tired…. rest, slow down, regroup and start again…. if you are tired, rest, don’t give up!
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